Roberine R3 kooimaaier, onderhoud sportvelden bermonderhoud parkonderhoud grasmaaien kooimaaiers

Roberine | Mowing at top level

Roberine has got its sights set on the commercial mowing market with its new 3 Series mowers.  The Dutch company has been renowned for quality mowing machines with a reputation for clean cuts since 1951.  The next generation 3 series mower reiterates this reputation.  Industry professionals and operators are impressed by performance and refinement, and the mowing results with reduced operating costs and an attractive price.  Roberine is again becoming favoured by Groundcare maintenance professionals across a range of sectors including sports fields, parks and public greens, fields and residential areas.  Both the flail and cylinder mowers enable these professionals to achieve the best mowing results efficiently.

The result of years of experience

Roberine commercial triple mowers are the result of years of experience developing and building machines for the Groundcare industry featuring advanced engine, drive, and mowing technology.  The F3 flail mower uses flails developed in collaboration with Votex, renowned for their premium agricultural flail mowers.  The grey flail cuttings units of the F3 and Green cylinder units of the R3 are both compact in design enabling close mowing up to obstacles reducing the amount of manual work required post-cut such as strimming around trees.

Ergonomic workstation

The moment you experience a Roberine 3 series you instantly notice the benefits of the ergonomically designed workstation featuring an adjustable steering column, air seat and command arm.  All mowing controls are on the ergonomic command arm which is simple to use and offers comfort for the operator during long working days.  A 3 series with a cab offers plenty of headroom, visibility, and operator comfort.

Compact and manoeuvrable

Roberine F3 Roberine R3 klepelmaaier kooimaaier bermonderhoud, parkonderhoud, onderhoud sportvelden

The Roberine F3 is a compact and flexible three-unit self-propelled hydraulic flail mower.

Always a perfect mowing result

Roberine F3 Roberine R3 compacte afmeting goed toegankelijk motorruimte kooimaaiers klepelmaaier

The flail mower unit has been developed in collaboration with Votex. Votex is especially known for its verge and ditch-side flail mower.

High capacity, low costs

Roberine logo klepelmaaier kooimaaier onderhoud sportvelden, compact, grasmaaier grasmaaien bermonderhoud

The Roberine F3 has a cutting width ranging from 77 to 215 cm, which results in a high capacity.

Easy to transport

Roberine F3 Roberine R 3 klepelmaaier kooimaaier compacte afmetingen

The Roberine F3 has a width of just 135 cm. during transport and because of the low weight this machine fits into any larger type of delivery van.