Roberine 5-series

Roberine 5-series

Roberine is proud to introduce the 5-series, including the F5 flail mower and the R5 reel mower. These machines are the result of many years of experience in design and development of mowing machines. In addition, the most advanced technology has been used, not only in terms of engine and drive engineering, but also in terms of mowing technology.

Unrivalled mowing results

The Roberine F5 features a robust flail with the ideal design for achieving a perfect cutting pattern. The Roberine R5 is equipped with top-quality Jumbo cages. Both machines can be used in a range of settings, from parks to sports grounds.

Folding liftarms to prevent collision damage
Two hydraulic axial piston motors for the mower units
Perfect distribution of the grass once mown, even in wet conditions
Suitable for both short and long grass

Driven by perfection

Yanmar 4 cylinder Turbo Diesel 2.0 intercooler (Stage 5)
47 kW (66 PK) at 2600 rpm
Forward and reverse drive pedals
Automotive driving in transport mode

All-round safety

Standard LED lighting for improved view
Electric and automatic parking brake on slopes
Brake light for added safety
Flashing Amber beacon
Rollover protection structure (ROPS) and a seat belt
Good visibility of mowing units and wheels from operators viewpoint

Maximum comfort

New command arm with LCD display
Standard air-suspended Grammer comfort seat
Automatic weight and height adjustment
Steering wheel can be adjusted by height and angle
Heated and air-conditioned cabin (optional)

Roberine F5 klepelmaaier voor aan zicht zij aanzicht groen zwart maaien op het hoogste niveau
EngineYanmar 4 cylinder Turbo Diesel 2.0 intercooler (Stage 5)
47 kW (66 PK) at 2600 rpm
Mowing systemTwo hydraulic axial piston pumps for the mower units
Cutting width345 cm
Number of mowing units5 hydraulically-powered flail units driven by piston pumps
SpeedMowing: 12 km/h
Transport: 25 km/h
Length310 cm
Width188 cm
Height234 cm with ROPS
Weight1800 kg