Build to perform

The Roberine F and R series have been developed by experienced engineers. The styling was entrusted to a leading design agency. The basic principle underlying the design was to develop a machine that would surpass any other mower. Roberine had to set the new standard at all levels, from reliability to durability; from the ergonomics to maintenance; from performance to cost per square metre. And we have pulled it off. Roberine machines are constructed in Enschede, in one of Europe’s most modern factories. The manufacturing method used is equivalent to that of leading car manufacturers around the world. As a result, we are also in a position to deliver a new standard. Each Roberine is engineered for optimum performance in every respect. That, too, is what lies at the roots of the brand.

vacatures Roberine klepelmaaiers Enschede vakmanschap innovatie Nederland kooimaaiers

Roberine logo klepelmaaier kooimaaier onderhoud sportvelden, compact, grasmaaier grasmaaien bermonderhoud

The people behind Roberine

Launching a world product onto the market requires more than good styling, timeless design and a reliable product. You need an organisation that is aware of the fact that you have to make good on your promises. Roberine is held up by experienced and talented people who want to make the brand a success story all over again. That is not enough. You also need a network that believes in the power to develop. Roberine is sold by a select group of dealers: professionals who believe in the brand and in our products. At present, that means the Roberine F and R series. And, tomorrow, we will have a wide range of machines and tools that will ensure that the professionals working with Roberine will be just as proud of the brand as the professionals that create it.