F3 flail mower

The perfect workplace

Roberine stands for both traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology. This combination ensures satisfaction at work. And since we are on the subject of satisfaction at work, we would like to add that the operator is assured an ergonomically sound workplace.
The suspension seat is comfortable, which is no unnecessary luxury if you are on the go all day long. The armrest with the controls is easy to adjust, so that the operator can find the ideal working posture at all times. The armrest moves with the seat, allowing the operator to always be in control of the machine. The Roberine F and R series can also be equipped with an insulated cabin, which minimises noise. In order to make this workplace even more comfortable, optional airconditioning is available.

Your dealer will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.


Compact and maneuverable

The Roberine F3 is a compact and flexible three-unit self-propelled hydraulic flail mower which is driven by a reliable and clean burning Yanmar turbo diesel engine. The Roberine F3 is compact and manoeuvrable and these features make the machine highly applicable. In fact, this also goes for the high transport speed which enables you to drive quickly from one plot to the next. The hydrostatic 4WD makes the job even more enjoyable. Because during mowing operations, you will always have maximum grip on any type of surface, including hilly grounds. For these reasons the Roberine F3 is ideally suited for mowing on embankments.

Always a perfect mowing result

The flail mower unit has been developed in collaboration with Votex. Votex is especially known for its verge and ditch-side flail mowers. This expertise and experience have also been applied in the process of developing a mower which exactly fits the trend in the market towards reducing mowing frequency. The specially designed cutting head in combination with the unique Votex flails enables a relatively high cutting speed to be realized even when the grass is high. This ensures a smooth mowing result. Furthermore, the cuttings does evenly spread, which could disturb the smooth mowing result. The easily adjustable cutting height makes the machine extremely versatile and guarantees even on uneven surface a comparable mowing result as you were used to with the classic Roberine reel mower.

High capacity, low costs

The Roberine F3 has a cutting width ranging from 77 to 215 cm, which results in a high capacity. This makes the machine extremely suitable for cost-effective operations. The Roberine F3 performs to its maximum in places where reel and rotary mowers fails. Furthermore the flail mowers of Roberine are elegant, but sturdy and strong so that maintenance costs are kept low.

Easy to transport

The Roberine F3 has a width of just 135 cm. during transport and because of the low weight this machine fits into practically any larger type of delivery van. This machine is easy to transport and does not need to remain on location.

Roberine F3 R3 klepelmaaier kooimaaier onderhoud sportvelden bermonderhoud, parkonderhoud, grasmaaien professional
EngineYanmar 30KW/41 HP turbo diesel, 1500 cc
DriveAutomatic hydrostatic 4WD
SpeedTransport 25 km/hr, mowing 13 km/hr
TyresFront 320/55-12 8PR
Rear 250/50-10 6PR
L x W x H281 x 135 x 234 cm with ROPS
Cutting width215 cm, variable from 77 to 215 cm
OperationCommand arm on seat
SeatAdjustable height and weight
Flail boxesDirect hydraulic drive
Driving pedalElectronically according to drive-by-wire
Turning circle1.80 m
Weight1.225 kg excl. cabin