Uni flailmower UF160

For perfect mowing results, the UF160 is equipped with 360 ° castor wheels at the front and a rear roller. These ensures the mower follows the contours of the ground giving an even cut. The front corners of the mower are clearly visible by the operator so that he can work close to trees/fences and other obstacles without damage. This UF160 is the result of years of experience in developing and building machines for the green sector.

Unique with perfect balance

  • Close coupled to the power-unit for improved stability
  • Low weight
  • No counterweight required
  • High stability during mowing (less overlap)

Driven by perfection

  • Stepless height adjustment roller, using 1 standard key
  • Easy adjustment of swivel wheels without tools
  • Swivel wheels adjustable in width
  • Coupling jaws horizontal adjustable (PTO coupling shaft in line)
  • Rotor is balanced at operating speed. Silent and low-vibration
  • Driveline designed for 30 kW with a long operating time
Weight (including roller)240 kg
2.700 rpm
Nominal power30 kW
Weight flails300 gr a piece
Working width
1.582 mm
Transport width (from)1.678 mm